Ipad 2 deals for teachers

Others would simply not have the resources to sustain the use of student iPads. It depends on the district, the needs of a given community, the source of funding, the goals of administrators, and many other factors.


What educators think about Apple’s new iPad

I think the question of whether investing in a specific technology alone can bring about increased student achievement has already been answered. It doesn't solve problems; it is merely a tool. We barely have enough money for glues! I think that any tablet could be used for the main things that teachers want them for: So if there was a cheaper option, I'm sure schools would go for this. Additionally, there are many cheaper options for using technology in the classroom.

Apple discounts new iPad for schools and education customers at $299

There are loads of websites designed for teachers to do interactive quizzes with students using their mobile phones, [and] these are free as long as you let students use their phone in class It may be best to purchase a smaller number of tablets that can be housed in a computing lab or library, where users can borrow the devices for a limited time. Laptops or desktop computers may continue to account for the majority of the tech purchases. Some courses call for the use of software that has not been made available for tablets, so having access to more robust machines will be crucial in keeping up with software needs.

Chromebooks and tablets are not always equipped to meet the ever growing software needs for select disciplines. Students and faculty often have their own devices that they prefer, and when they arrive on campus they just expect it to work seamlessly with the infrastructure of the institution. When users have selected a device that meets their needs functionally and financially, it may cause administrators to think twice about supporting a specific tablet, especially considering the rate at which these devices are upgraded.

Apple Education Pricing

The increased size and functionality of cellular phones could also be a contributing factor in the dwindling desire to own the latest tablet. The lack of an included keyboard peripheral for the iPad seems like a really poor choice. At the end of a lesson, I want my students to produce writing that shows they understand a topic. It's a little difficult though not impossible to do that without a keyboard. Apple usually makes products marketed for higher-income customers, so it doesn't surprise me that their product costs a lot and doesn't have everything you need out of the box, but the minor teacher discount is kind of baffling.

I also feel like Google has them beat in terms of classroom accessibility. My students use Google Suite every single day, and I utilize Google Classroom to distribute materials for lessons and track student progress. Although the iPads are more of a temptation for some reason to go off-task, the lock-down factor makes them "less fun" than their Chromebooks, and I tend to go with those before I let them use their computer.

The most affordable iPad ever brings brilliant upgrades

I would definitely find another way to utilize the computers if the iPads weren't there, for things like Kahoot, but honestly, it streamlines the process of starting class activities like Kahoot so much now that they're [all] set up. I do find that they are functional for longer, but that the students complain about them being too old and sometimes just refuse to do their work because of old tech.

I would honestly rather have a Chromebook set in a classroom than a set of iPads. It is very disappointing to hear they [iPads] are less than 10 percent discounted. I'd rather have a Chromebook cart than an iPad cart -- it'd cost less and I could do more with it. As the number of available apps continues to grow, those in education have more tools at their disposal to bring content to life in the classroom. If the classroom is equipped with the appropriate connectors for projection, in many cases instructors can make use of tablets as they would a typical computer.

I like the idea of providing users with their own profiles and Apple IDs, which will come with increased cloud-based storage.

  • What educators think about Apple’s new iPad.
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Allowing students to work on specific assignments in select apps, or checking in on students to see how they're progressing, mark major improvements over the current capabilities. I am looking forward to an opportunity to personally work with these new features. It is nice to have digital textbooks stored on one device.

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  • Education Pricing and Student Discounts - Apple.
  • Apps and education.

The iPad offers ways to interact with learning material that has never been available to previous generations of students. Without a keyboard or mouse, it is hard to produce quality written work using only an iPad. It might save time for upper-level high school teachers and teach students immeasurably important skills, but for now, a year-old doesn't have a lot of skills we take for granted.

Apple Is About to Release a Cheaper iPad to Take on Microsoft and Google

I don't mind teaching them skills, but I do think that a learning curve has to be built in to accommodate students with low but growing skills. The iPads with Numbers and Pages apps could record, analyze, and report all the data. The cameras were fantastic for putting together their presentations.

Put together, the whole thing made a beautiful presentation, all in the same piece of equipment. The only tricky part was making it so that they could display with a projector. Other than that, literally the entire project was done on those iPads, including in the field, in the classroom preparing and analyzing data and even the presentation.

I used it to take attendance, and I used an app called ClassDojo for classroom management. Rival laptops have made inroads into the education market lately, a field that originally helped Apple make its name. The sector is prized among industry giants because students learn to use a certain type of device, then head into the workforce and spread the technology wider.

With a recent advertising onslaught, Apple is hoping to capture more young minds with the iPad.

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  5. The company has revised its tablet strategy over the years by releasing different versions at a variety of price points. Still, demand for tablets is weak.

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    According to research firm IDC, the market shrank by about 7 percent in Apple grew 3 percent last year and leads the industry with about a quarter of the market. Apple currently offers a slew of different education-related software. It also lets students complete assignments and take tests. The company offers a software coding curriculum via the Swift Playgrounds app and sells interactive textbooks through its e-book store.

    More software is coming. Apple has also discussed additional education-related programs with the city, people familiar with the talks said.