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Sort by: Helpfulness Rating Date. Then there were management changes and then other changes started to happen. Being a non driver was also playing against me for traveling expanses at the time. I try relocating to a closer store before leaving the company. Things did not get better when I did transfer, so I found another job offer that was best at the time.

Was this review helpful? Work atmosphere not appealing. A typical day began with extra work. The employees who had shifts before me were not enforced to complete their tasks which resulted in others having to complete the tasks for them. This caused the workload to be extra difficult.

There would be a steady pace for working which I liked. I learned that helping a customer to completion is the best way to go about any issue. The management fluctuated from carefree to strict. This caused there to be constantly changing environments which was stressful and hard to get used to. The workplace culture was dull, bitter, and often hostile. The hardest part of the job was making sure everything was done to completion. The most enjoyable part of the job was when I was allowed to clean in solitude without being bothered.


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Work life balance. Difficult times, need to be extremely organized. Sometimes Executive management gets caught up in KP indicators and don't understand everyday operations expects results regardless of how we achieve. Great place to work. It was a great place to work at before the company switch over to another one. The new management was racist and mean. Slow and rude works. Management Feel. The management for night shift started out great. They were easy to get along with and you would have a great time with them. Recently the newest manager has had a bit of a power trip and many night shift employees have gotten irritated.

It was a great place to work. Busy but a good work environment. The people were great to work with. Very relaxed environment. The management and staff were great. I am currently looking for a job out of fast food. The management lacks in managing and people who should not be managers are promoted.

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There is a lack of communication among employees and management and a serious scheduling issue. I was hired as a full time employee but am only getting just above 20 hours a week.

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There is a lack of care towards the customer here. What happened to people actually caring about the customer? Poor management, lack of care towards customers, bad attitude problems, false promises of hours. A typical day at Burger King was a very fast paced and hectic at times.

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Die neue App. Wenn du unsere Seite weiter benutzt, stimmst du unseren Cookie-Richtlinen zu. Informationen zur Verwendung von Cookies. Passwort Passwort vergessen? Redirect Url. Immer die besten Deals. Deals teilen und bewerten. Deine E-Mail-Adresse. Datenschutzbestimmungen zustimmen. At the end of each shift we would clean the whole store. Its a paying job.

The work is fair.

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It can be easy going at times and at times it can be very stressful. But what job isn't? The crow is like a family.

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We had our ups and downs. But it is an ok job. Fun enviroment. Ling work weeks, Marginal pay. The best thing to me is the day to day guest interaction. I also love being able to help build and shape careers for other. The Best. One of the best jobs i ever had the managers were so friendly and they understood some peoples situations and accommodated them to their best capabilities.

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Stressful work environment. All about profit, no concern for employees or maintenance of facilities. Company changes hands too often for anyone to come up with a legitimate working game plan. More work than one person can handle. The coupons, deals, and speed of service requirements make this job nearly impossible to succeed in. At that point you're working to catch up. Deals and coupons make orders two and even three times bigger than they normally would be, making keeping up with their "speed of service" requirements absolutely impossible.

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Too much work for what your're paid. If you want this job just remember its fast food. It's never going to be a great job, but this is still unacceptable.

Fast paste , easy , productive. Got very stressful at times. But always maintained. Pleasant, MI — May 24, The managers there were not very friendly what so ever. But i always kept a good attitude and did what i was told to do.