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You can score great deals. Many of the packages on Groupon Getaways include airfare and top-notch accommodations for a relatively low price. Williams, who has now been on three Groupon Getaways, says her favorite trip was to Costa Rica with her mom. The hotel they stayed at was luxurious, with a swim-up bar, hot springs and beautiful landscapes. How to choose a travel credit card. The guided tours can be helpful. Some of the travel packages sold on Groupon come with guided tours or excursions sometimes for an extra fee. For Maddy Osman, a travel blogger based in Denver, these guided tours were a huge plus — especially when she visited China.

The tour guide in China also took the travelers to the city of Suzhou, where he was from. Photo courtesy of Christian Portilla. Her now-wife had booked the trip through Groupon Getaways as a surprise. When the couple hiked to the top of the Incan citadel, the view was breathtaking.

Dates can be limited. If you have an inflexible vacation schedule, you might have to compromise to find a good deal. In some cases, sales pitches are baked into the itinerary. Travel agencies can make money, in part, by taking tourists on shopping expeditions. The accommodations can be subpar. The hotel Portilla stayed at in Cusco, Peru, had limited water.

It would have been nice to know about the situation in advance so they could have prepared, she says. Our neighbor was puking all night, and we could hear that. In cases where Groupon has done something egregiously wrong, he adds, the company may issue a refund. Osman recommends reading the reviews of travel agencies and hotels before booking, too. Master the details. Renting a car? What a waste of time and money. I are very disappointed. Since 7th of January I am trying to receive a refund for an undelivered service that was cancelled at last minute by YK Massages another unreliable Company.

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Ordered bunk beds and matching mattresses. Got messed about with the delivery for days and then it finally arrived, only 2 parcels out of 4. Driver said that is all they got. The boxes were ripped and bits coming out of them so told the driver i am not accepting it. Took the picture of the ripped boxes and sent it back. I bet is gonna be a struggle to get my money back!

WHOOPS! Something broke.

Dont buy from groupon! I know i will never make that mistake again. Since I have been trying to get onto groupon merchandising. After 9 phone calls and the promises from staff at groupon to resolve the situation and being told my application was sitting on a managers staff that doesn't work at groupon anymore I would say this has been my WORST experience ever dealing with a company. November ordered a Wheelchair ramp. When it arrived it was half the width as described and the photo. Rather than a Wheelchair ramp it would barely pass as a skate board ramp. Reported the situation and was offered a return label to post it back to them.

I explained that it was a large heavy package and being disabled I couldn't get it to a post office and they arrange for it to be collected. This request was ignored. Ultimately a friend got it to a post office for me. I tried to spend my voucher by ordering a cheap kids tablet. After three weeks I tried tracking the delivery, it said it was ready for despatch. It arrived a further two weeks later and they didn't use the value of the voucher. After a long wait it arrived, a cheap plastic unicorn with helicopter rotor blades growing out of its back. There was no instructions or safety warnings with it.

I emailed them and they emailed some instructions of an entirely different toy. I emailed back that they were of no use. Their response was that I should search the internet for some instructions. I considered the toy was not safe to put into the hands of a child. They could easily take an eye out from the whirring rotor.

At this point I demanded a refund and for them to collect the item, they agreed to a refund and told me to do what I like with the toy.

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I have passed i onto Trading Standards who are happy to investigate. Gave it 3 attempts as the deals are great! General issue with popular offers is that they are booked beyond maximum capacity: I booked an offer that had a 4 month validity, and the merchant was fully booked for this whole time period!

I checked my bank account when I got home, and I had indeed been charged twice, so got zero value out of the offer. I reported this issue to Groupon and they were not willing to help. I think the Groupon concept could be great, but it's a shame that's it's managed so badly. I returned a parcel, item too small 11th Dec: It was signed for on the 14th Dec: It's now 8th Feb: Does this mean that I've lost that money?. Being a pensioner I'm not very impressed with this service. Look forward to your reply. I would leave zero stars if I could.

Buy vouchers then fine print means it runs out within days.

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No help from customer service at Groupon absolutely hopeless. Will never ever use them again. Contacted Groupon SEVERAL times more than 12 occassions and they are simply not interested - several excuses later and now they are claiming that my order has been delivered - it hasn't! Groupon customer service simply cannot grasp simple basic facts and neither are they interested in assisting their customers - I certainly won't be purchasing anything further from them!!

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The worst experience I have ever had with an online sale! I bought a Mid-Sleeper bed for my Son 1 month ago and received it about a week after. When putting up the bed I did say to my partner it feels a bit cheap and low quality. Halfway through the bed build, I found on 2 occasions that the instructions were wrong on where some nuts and bolts were to be placed and had to sit a bar upside down for it to fit.

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When it came to fitting the last support bar, I found it was wrapped to the point I could not use it. They then arranged a collection with ArrowXL and I gave them the number of parcels 3. I contacted live chat and was told, I had to speak to arrow. When I got in touch with Arrow, they told me it was Groupon I had to speak to. I rearranged again with Groupon again and a week later, the same thing again. They had tried to collect 2 again.

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I tried absolutely everything to get a hold on Groupon on the phone as I didn't have faith in the live chat. Let me say, getting hold of Groupon on the telephone isn't an easy task. When I finally got in touch with someone on the phone, I was told it was they would send another collection and reassured me it would be 3 again. Days later, I contacted ArrowXL and they told me another collection had been booked but again for 2 parcels.

While still on the phone, I opened live chat with Groupon who said I had to speak with Arrow for additional parcels while Arrow was on the phone saying its Groupon. The agent on live chat said he had put a note on the account to collect 3 and rudely said "your parcels will all be collected so you can stop contacting us now please". Days later, contacted Arrow again, 2 parcels!! In the end, I had to try a different approach and book another return for it and split into 4 parcels just to get it returned. Groupon is great for small items but when its large items.

You're getting bad quality products and should you need a return, its more trouble than it should be. Not delivering. Ordered a carpet washer on 30 January but there was no sign of delivering 7 days later. And I certainly don't expect any useful reply from Groupon on Trustpilot!

Bought a substandard mattress tried to get in touch with groupon before 14 day return was up still waiting for a reply. Got in touch with sublime to check it was one of their mattresses after confirming it was they not not want to know. No communication possible with groupon.

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It took 30mins to find a number which is not in service. Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by: Appalling Customer Service I have bought a few things through this company and when things go well there is no problem. Ordered a set of pillows on the 13th of… Ordered a set of pillows on the 13th of January which originally said they dispatch with in business days. Excellent customer service from 'Piyush… Excellent customer service from 'Piyush P' who helped resolve my problem almost immediately.

Appalling customer service Appalling customer service. Reply from Groupon UK. Hi Ray, Sorry to hear that the tracking information for your item is not updated. We're happy to check on this for you. Please provide us with a reference number of your previous contact. Kindly send details via www. We're open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, and you'll usually get through to someone pretty much straight away. Groupon Customer Support.